Who Are We ?

Who Are We ?

Apr 18 admin  


We are a professional gaming community that consists at the moment of 23 stable members  that are playing together for 2 years, focusing mostly on the Lineage 2 game. Community is formed by international members from all around the globe, so basically our geolocations are very mixed : Spain, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Poland, Algeria, Greek, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy, Moldova. We have been playing with best ally’s and clan leaders, in the last year we played with BlackRock, Gangland, Mirage, TopHatchSide, OP Clan, Critical Storm, xSide. Our team have 2 party’s for the moment and we have 5 very active twitch streamers. You can check the link of the stream in the sidebar of our webpage. Make sure you check us often because we are bringing new content almost daily.

Our community masters the following games :

1. Our main game is Lineage 2.

Ketra Wars x1 ISIS Team – Preparing and buffing for clan war mass pvp :

Ketra Wars x1 ISIS Team – Our road to Baium quest.

Ketra Wars x1 ISIS Team – Buffing for ant queen mass pvp fight.

2. League Of Legends

3. Overwatch

4. World Of Tanks

5. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

6. Counter Strike : Global Offensive

7. Paladins

8. Smite

9. Euro Truck Simulator 2

10. Rocket League

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